Friday, 4 September 2009

June 13th 2005

This was found outside of the Talkinghead in 2005...Jetomi/I Hate You When You're Pregnant Tour Poster...I don't know anything about who made it, but i does glow in the dark, screenprint, 12"x20"

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  1. This show was at B403, until Jetomi started playing with two full marshall stacks, an ampeg 2 x 15, six speaker PA, and drums. We had to have the windows open cause it was about 110 degrees, so numerous complaints poured in from the people in Cork Factor. We moved the show to the annex and IHYWYP played an epic set wherein he stripped to his tighties and rolled around in spilled beer and cigarette butts until his skin was black. I believe someone from JETOMI (jewel encrusted titans of modern industry) made the poster, or some other sick artist in Flagstaff.