Wednesday, 30 September 2009

December 2nd 2007

Designer: Alex Dondero
Size: 7x11
Location: Baltimore

April 27th 2007

Designer: Adam Okrasinski
Size: 12x27
Location: Baltimore


Designer:Unknown!? who are you, This is sweet
Size: 8.5x11
photocopy on neon yellow, with color fade from light
Location: Baltimore

Sunday, 6 September 2009

August 10th 2006

Designer: Mauled By Tigers Fest
Size: unknown (found it online)
Companion to the previous poster

August 8-14, 2006

Designer: Post Typography
Size: 22 X 35
Location: Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH
baltimore bands tour to mauled by tigers fest!

December 30th 2007

Kari Altmann/Mark Brown, animated gif (which for some reason is not blinking...) this was a bi-monthly party where many schemes were hatched in the baltimore underground.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Summer Tour 2007

I was told that maybe I should crop these photos, which makes sense, so from now on I will, starting with this one....This is from an insane tour with the Deathset that started mid june and ended mid july. More than once I was not allowed inside the place we played because I was still under 21.
Matt Hart, Silkscreen, 16"x20"(ish)

April 7th 2006

Devon Deimler, 4"x5.5", color copy, 2006

November 10th 2008

Jim Triplett, 11x17, photocopy, 2008

June 13th 2005

This was found outside of the Talkinghead in 2005...Jetomi/I Hate You When You're Pregnant Tour Poster...I don't know anything about who made it, but i does glow in the dark, screenprint, 12"x20"

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

July 24th 2008

Poster by Matt Papich, 12x18, printed by Alex Dondero, Baltimore

the first blog

Hey, thanks for checking this out...over the past 5 or so years I've collected a lot of posters and finally I am getting around to putting them on the internet. Most of these have been collected in Baltimore, but there will be a bunch from all over the place, most likely with baltimore bands on the bill. If you have posters that seem like they fit in this category, email me a photo with as much info as you have on the poster...size, designer, printer...thanks!
This Poster by Shawn Reed 5"x12", photocopy, Iowa City, September 2008